About Me

My name is Louis DeLosSantos and I’m currently a software engineer at Isovalent focusing on Cilium, eBPF and Linux kernel networking.

My interests stretch across infrastructure, systems programming, networking, distributed systems and application architectures.

I’ve worked at a lot of places, built a lot of things, and enjoy sharing my experience along the way.

Open Source

I’m an OSS enthusiast. Most of my career has been developing and contributing code in an open and shareable environment. Below are some of my open source projects.


I’m the initial designer and creator of the ClairCore libraries.

These libraries, written in Go, provide facilities for the static analysis of container security vulnerabilities.


I’m the initial designer of the latest edition of Clair.

You can see some of my talks about Clair here:


A full featured IDE layer for Neovim.

Heavily inspired by VSCode.


A fully featured GitHub integration for Neovim utilizing the litee.nvim framework.


Litee.nvim is a framework, written in Lua, for building plugins.

There are several plugins reachable from the above link’s readme.

Most plugins deal with porting over feature present in VSCode that Neovim lacks.

Kernel Contributions

This change allows a routing table ID to be used in the eBPF fib lookup helper. When a fib lookup occurs we can now say which table we should perform the lookup from. This essentially pushes policy routing, akin to the ip rule functionality, into the tc layer of the Kernel.


Simplifying and Making the Network Programmable with Kubernetes and SRv6 (Kubecon)

I co-presented this talk at Kubecon NA 2022.

An overview of my work with Cilium and SRv6 L3VPN.

Inside the Indexer (RedHat Commons)

An overview of Clair’s Indexer architecture.