My name is Louis DeLosSantos and I’m currently a software engineer at Isovalent focusing on Cilium, eBPF and linux kernel networking.

My interests stretch across infrastructure, systems programming, networking, distributed systems and application architectures.

I’ve worked at a lot of places, built a lot of things, and enjoy sharing my experience along the way.


Open Source

I’m an open source software enthusiast and spend a lot of my time contributing to projects in this space.


I’m the initial designer and creator of the ClairCore libraries.

These libraries, written in Go, provide facilities for the static analysis of container security vulnerabilities.


I’m the initial designer of the latest edition of Clair.

You can see some of my talks about Clair here:

Container Security with Clair

Inside the Indexer


A neovim plugin which brings over some features from VSCode that were missing.


A set of scripts I use daily in coordination with the Sway window manager.

Uses FZF to accomplish most Sway navigation needs such as creating and moving workspaces, selecting marks, launching linux desktop apps, etc…


A minimal vim theme based on Chrome’s dark reader.

Offers a light theme similar to PaperColor as well.